an english tv program for kids made in the 70`s - bagpuss was a pink and white striped cat who talked to mice. i think he would be shocked to be associated with the above if not a little curious.
did you see bagpuss yesterday?

bagpuss is my favourite program
by flip September 24, 2004
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UK Children's television show which was boring as fuck, yet suprisingly addictive.

A girl called Emily would bring something broken into the shop where Bagpuss and his mice friends lived. The mice would fix it singing "wee weel feex eet, wee weel feex eet.", End of episode.

Bagpuss actually only ever slept or woke up yawning. He was a fat lazy bastard of a cat, with gay pink and white stripes.

The show, looking back, was a load of wank really, but had a cult following and you can still buy bagpuss bags in London today.
Emily the girl
Bagpuss the fay lazy bastard cat
The professor - a wodden woodpecker
The mice - slave labour, did all the work and got no thanks.
by Prem Shah September 19, 2006
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A word used to describe a woman with a loose vagina, originating from the 1970s tv show, a woman who has a vagina like bagpuss is one that’s ragged l, old and worn with lips that could be comparable to bad handles.
See Johns new girlfriend over there, i heard she has a real bagpuss , John was basically carrying it around last night
by ConMan15 December 07, 2020
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similar to bagpiping except the female vagina is placed under the male armpit rather than the male penis beneath the female's armpit.
"did some bagpussing on the wife last night. my armpit stinks like a right twat this morning"
by SPACENEWT September 17, 2008
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Alternative word for female reproductive area. (genitalia)
"Cooor i wouldnt wanna catch a look of her Bagpuss.."
"Hmmm i wonder what her bagpuss is like?"
by KatieM&NaomiA July 10, 2008
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A small gimp like creature with human horn eyes and skyrim feet that believes in artificial insemination in lemons
by Owl one April 25, 2019
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Once one person leaves a party or event, others feel it is now "safe" to do so. Often causes a significant exodus from a gathering soon after the first person departs.
After the English TV show. When the character Bagpuss goes to sleep, all other characters go to sleep.
As soon as you left the party it shut down, seems you enacted the Bagpuss Syndrome.
I felt guilty that I wanted to leave, but once you started the Bagpuss Syndrome, I was fine with it.
by PhilOsophical April 30, 2013
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