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A prime example of a MILF. Truly amazing, a dream of mine in the flesh.
I saw lucka's mom's bush, and it was an instant hard-on.
by Flip August 05, 2004

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A individual of a otherwise non-defined sexual orientation.
One that focuses upon drugs (including alochol)
vs physical sex with another in social or intimate situations.

A individual that places drug use above the possibility of sexual realtions.
I've always wondered about Tyrone,
I can't tell if he's gay or whatever...
All I see is him doing is taking different drugs and hanging out.
I've never seen him get with anyone, man or woman...
but if you got something -he's like all over you.
by Flip July 02, 2004

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sum1 who luvs anal sex
bob, ur a stupid fudgemonkey
by flip March 29, 2005

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A company producing dubs, famous among rappers.
Check out those 22 lexani's!
by Flip October 05, 2003

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Black people mall. Everybody there is black.
"Have you ever been to the Mall of Memphis?"
by Flip September 14, 2004

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middle finger
i flipped him off
by flip July 24, 2003

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A policy of discrimination towards a individual or group due to the presence of markers within their genetic code.

The doctrine or system under which a individual(s) identifiable genetic markers makes them open for discrimination. Under Genomism, a person can be accessed and determined fit or unfit for a occupation, activity or even inclusion within the society itself, all without consideration of personal achievements, ability or demeanor.

This can extend to imprisoning a person in which no crime had (yet) been committed but which a person has a genetic makeup indicating a likelihood of crime.

To (il)legally discriminate due to a DNA analysis.
"I didn't get the job because they sampled my DNA and determined that I had a 37% likelihood of reduced proficiency..."

See film: GATTACA (1997)
by Flip February 18, 2005

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