31 definition by Flip

1.) To lurk around or conspiciously prowl.

2.) To be constantly "Bout it" or willing to fight.
1. Jamal lokked around the co'na sto'
a. Jamal was lokkin around the sto'.

2. Im a lokked out gangsta..
by FLiP November 05, 2004

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A contraction of "skunk" developed by Adam Hahn and Flip Tanedo at Stanford University in 2005. Motivated by a talk given by Donnovan Yisrael of the Vaden Health Center at Stanford. Also short for "skimp."
Maybe the lagness monster will devour that skia. Man, I've spent all my money on quantum field theory books--I need to skia and save for a supersymmetry book.
by Flip February 06, 2005

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Just about anybody who lives in Hampton, Virginia (Blackland). Black people. African Americans who act thug and all hard just because they see it on BET.

Hampton''s Wendy's french fries are sometimes black so those, too.
"Man I'm tired of all these fucking Hampton Fries."
"Wendy's sucks ass. All they're fries are black. Hampton Fries"
by Flip September 14, 2004

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pussy,snatch,quacha,pan,axe wound,clay,phat rabbit,rey
Don't be a papuch, phoonface
by Flip October 21, 2004

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Acronym for "Fresh Off the Boat"
When a filipino switches F's and P's
Example: Fob = Pob.
by Flip April 30, 2002

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A Skateboarding company who make decks, wheels, etc. They also make skateboarding movies, such as "Sorry" and "Really Sorry" featuring skaters like Tom Penny, and Ali Boulala.

They also make clothes too.
Flip decks are cool.
by Flip February 01, 2004

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1. obviously you fucked up
2. what chuy cant go five minutes without saying
3. the clicka's motto
Flip: Rey, your not part of the clicka and you miss your dad.
Chuy: You fuuucked up.
by Flip October 21, 2004

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