Ruzain is the kind of guy who will always be by your side and will never let you go.Once you get close to him, you will notice that he will be concerned for you and always supports you.
If you see a Ruzain, dont forget to say thank you to him.
Wow! Ruzain is the kindest!
Damn... Ruzain is the kindest , he really cares for me-
by Ruzain May 28, 2021
you: *looking this up* the kindest person on earth ?
Me: You :)
by OfmyCompliments November 4, 2020
A day you will be kind to everyone even if they are mean to you
Him:you are ugly
You: aw ok
Him: you are so kind lol
You : it is kindest day!
by Drokoa March 24, 2021
A day u will be nice to people :)
Him: you are ugly
You : Aw ok
Him: u are kid lollll
You :it is kindest day!
by Drokoa March 24, 2021