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Mexican way of saying Jesus (dose not mean chewy)idiots

Also mean cool person pimp ass negra with a lowprofile shsjhdij
Kid1:wheres chuy
Kid2: pimpin allda bitches and hoes ofcourse
Source: noseferatu1, SJC
by noseferatu4 November 01, 2006
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(pronounced Chew-wee)

Chuy is actually a nickname for people with the name Jesus, (J is pronounced as an H.)

The nickname is most commonly used Mexicans and Naturalized Mexican Americans. It is commonly used by Mexicans and 1st generation Mexican Americans. It is less commonly used by 2nd generation and later Mexican-Americans and Americans of Mexican descent.

Some 1st gen., 2nd gen., and later Mexican Americans, and Americans of Mexican descent use Chuy more as a stereo-typical nickname for our 1st gen and naturalized Mexican friends who are now living in America. It's used as a way of being funny and friendly. Although the person receiving the name may or may not think it's funny. Regardless, it's harmless, especially for jokers.

Used for men.
The joker version of Chuey for girls is Concha.
Authentic Mexican, Spanish speaking version: ¿Que pasa mi Chuy?

1st & 2nd gen Mexican, English speaking version: Hey Chuy, what's crackin'?

Joker example: What's up Chuy Chew?
by sonic397 May 23, 2013
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Chuy a cool ass person who gon have your back threw everything and never switch on you and he has a good ass sense of humor and he always gonna be real also if a girl gonna try play him he gon show her how it's played besides that he gon ride for your ass and keep it 100 and loyal asf so if you have a Chuy don't let that Chuy go cuz they don't come back
by Realdog March 15, 2017
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Pronounced "chai", like the tea...originating from the collaboration of two popular words, chill & irie, "chuyrie" was the original form.

Due to stoners' tendency to pile, even in grammar, the word was soon-after transformed to its current state of chuy.

chuy can be a verb or adjective... or chuy
Dude, I don't have to go to work today.
Nice, man. That's chuy.

Hey, I just got some 40's and weed. Let's chuy!

Bro, The Notebook was definitely not chuy.

Hey, what up, chuy-guy?
by Lurken Herd July 20, 2010
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