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a word describing some german twat who think he's cool
you dirty savas, go home!
by FiRe March 20, 2005

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An artist who shows exhibits of bent nails, rubber cheeseburgers, half of rooms, things in jars. You know. I think Mr. Lennon sums it up well. . .
"Yoko is a con artist. Concept artist is only 'con' with 'cept' on the end." - John Lennon
by Fire June 04, 2005

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A retard who cannot spell pansy properly
00:42:09 <+SBS5DjChrissy> predator
00:42:14 <+SBS5DjChrissy> are u a panzy? too?

^^ see, a fool
by FiRe September 02, 2004

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1. When rapping and doing a good job at it. Used a lot when rapping against someone.

2. What happens when you really mad and about to fight.
1. I'm bout to spaz drop the beat.
2. I spazed on dude. He was talkin' shit.
by Fire October 09, 2003

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If you have a large amount(a brick) of almost any drug you break it down to 20, 10, and maybe 5 sacks. Then you cell it on the street.
Yo we gotta break down before we hit the block.
by Fire October 10, 2003

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When you're banging a chick on the beach, Throw sand in her eyes, thereby blocking her from seeing the facial she's about to receive..
While fucking Betty I took a handful of sand and blinded her right before shooting all over her face...
by Fire January 15, 2005

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internet mainly, short for Courtney Love
Have you heard CLove's new album yet?
by Fire May 12, 2004

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