When you start making a good beat so that someone can listen or rap to it. If y'all are just chillin' or whatever you can use a pen or pencil or whatever and start beating on a desk or whatever.
*note* Teachers are very annoyed with this, even if your beat is tight.
Guy: Drop da beat, dawg
Gal: *uses pencil and makes a rythm on her desk*
by Quitejaded February 26, 2005
To masturbate so wantonly and so violently that one produces only a single bead of ejaculate that simply falls to the floor. Occurs with Duke students studying abroad that are having difficulty tapping dimes with tig ol bitties.
Dude 1: Dude 2, I almost got domed by this italian midget last night.
Dude 2: Damn man, that's cool... so do you wanna circle jerk now?
Dude 1: Yeah, just let me finish my kabob, my delicious delicious kabob.

"Scott was sleeping with his shoes on last night, so I dropped a beat in his mouth. Dropping a beat is awesome."
by Guelfa September 28, 2005
We didn't get to drop beats after the club last night.

I dropped beats with my girl on your couch last night.

We were droppin' beats in her back seat last night.
by The Anticamel August 5, 2008
A Ball sack slapping a pussy while getting pounded.

Guy 1. When he is fucking her, there isn't music.

Guy 2. Yeah he can't drop beats he as to go around.
by hateonme! July 14, 2008
The sickest custom drums ever! Anti-war, peace promoting website for all who love music! Is that you?
Dude you've never heard about Drop Beats Not Bombs? You gotta google it!

That dude from DBNB is my nigga!
by HulaBuNGalo July 5, 2009