10 definitions by Fidel

1. One who is incredibly ugly.
2. One who is constantly talking shit.
3. One who has shit for brains.
Lennox Lewis talked shit about Klitschko after almost being beaten like the bitch he is: therefore Lennox Lewis is an asshead.
by Fidel August 14, 2003
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it means to put a bullet in a person's ass for acting like a lil bitch
Im going to bust a cap in your ass for being a bitch.
by Fidel May 9, 2004
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Uttered loudly over a game of t-low, used to express the anguish and loss felt by an illegitimate inner-city father over the loss of his child's diaper funds to gambling or drugs. To be said with an urban accent. See hey, that's my cell phone
When Kyle saw that he had lost his two dollars, he jumped up and screamed "oh snap, niggah, that's my kid's diaper money!"
by Fidel November 1, 2004
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a dumb motherfuckin loner who doesn't understand even after you explain it to his face that he has no friends ( also see monday or lex )
damn it lex you dipmotherfuckinshit im not your friend and you have no friends! p.s. fuck off!
by Fidel September 24, 2003
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1. One who constantly enjoys a dick in the ass.
2. One who has a posterior shaped like a dick.
That justin timberlake is a dickass!
by Fidel August 14, 2003
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