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verb: A term used to express one's act or state of elite preformance. Pwnage stems from the word "pwn" which is a typographical error of the word "own". The "p" replaces the "o" because during the frenzy of gaming, the player has no time to correct any spelling mistakes. This word is traditionally used by experienced videogamers, "leet" speakers and others involved in computer minded social or work groups.
"I played Halo 2 online today. I had 24 cosecutive kills... it was pownage like never before"

"I let those n00bs feel the wrath of my pwnage"
by Faust March 20, 2005

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Metal band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, that has produced gems such as "The Jester Race" and "Whoracle" which is considered by many to be the best melodic death metal album ever.
The band has become more and more commercial through the years, becoming less heavy and simplifying their music to the point that it resembles the dreaded nu-metal, a change that begun in the album "Clayman".
Most metalheads consider them to be the softest excuse for death metal that exists (along with Children of Bodom & Arch Enemy), just as black metal fans consider Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth to be the worst bands in the genre.
Discography: Lunar Strain & Subterranean, The Jester Race, Whoracle, Colony, Clayman , The Tokyo showdown-live in Japan, Reroute to Remain and Soundtrack to your escape.
by Faust February 28, 2005

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An act proclaiming superiority or victory over the lesser man.

It is a Swedish word but can be used in English too.
Carl fingertrixes when he realizes Fredrik fell down the abyss.
by Faust October 19, 2004

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When something is "mäkt", it is reeeally impressing or cool.
- I gibbd 53 foos this session
- omg! mäkt!
by Faust November 13, 2004

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a person who is a kickass player in sumovolleyball
you played like a prettylovepoet in that last game
by faust January 11, 2004

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One who runs away after licking ass.
"Your mom is such an assninja. She ran away before I could pay her for one of her award-winning rimjobs."
by Faust December 25, 2003

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A gender neutral term used in reference to a friend or to patronize a neutral or unfriendly person. Once used extensively, now has fallen out of favor of general use.

pl. Homebodies
1) yo homebody, s'up?
2) homebody, you better back down
3) "who's at the party" "the usual homebodies"
by Faust July 09, 2005

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