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In Flames' November 18, 1997 concept album describing the future of Earth. It combines pulsing, rhythmic guitar with meandering melodic passages. This is overlaid by a heavy vocal track.
I just picked up Whoracle from the music store, and tracks 1-11 are amazing!
by Paint it Black January 08, 2009
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Someone who has alot of experience in sexual activites, and you go to them for hints, tips, advice about anything sexual.
The Whoracle taught me how to give a wicked blowjob
by SecondLifeAhead July 09, 2005
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A female who has endured many sexual activities, that she has now gained the ability to predict a mans penis size, before ever seeing it.
At a bar
Man: You look very nice this evening.
Whoracle: Your penis does not meet my minimum requirements, 5 inches mushroom tip steers to the right.
Man: Your a whoracle!
by Dezaric May 22, 2015
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