Slang used in the nuclear industry to indicate when radioactive contamination is somewhere it should not be.
"that guy was working alone and got really crapped up when he breached that valve"

"that whole room is crapped up, we are going to need some help"
by nukeworker March 28, 2005
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when u try to poo hard but at the last second your asshole closes so the poo bounces back up yourself.
my ass closed at the last second, making me crap up
by Davey Lean February 5, 2009
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Similar to the idiom 'cropping up' or 'crop up' only more negative, annoying or 'crappy'.
Interest in international issues has cropped up on many university campuses.

I keep trying to close the deal, but all kinds of underhanded resistance keeps crapping up at every turn!

That college used to be pretty cool until the Gay, Goth and Skinhead movements crapped up everywhere.
by S. B. Jackson April 8, 2008
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The same meaning as Fucked up, but a more polite way of saying it.
Ex.1 Gavin you mind is so crapped up.
Ex.2 Ahhh! that was such a crapped up movie.
by Anonymous August 7, 2003
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