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1. Something grotesque or disgusting; an expression of disgust or abhorrence. Similar to seeda
2. The reaction to a joke often involving a combination of toilet humour and sex jokes; an excessively vulgar joke. Similar to thas not right
3. A incredibly ugly girl; A woman without any graceful features, most probably a jabba; similar to 10987654321-zero
4. The sound a woman makes when she has coughs up a gallon of horse cum. In full phrase "Neeeigghh, Bleugh!"
5. An insult, often involving displaying convulsions similar to Definition 4; primarily used when a joke is really really bad, but also in a failed attempt at somethign menial. Often made by a fureak or disgruce, and rarely used for a poor guy
Definition 1:
Dude: thats when i found what the 'Dolmio Grin' was, first hand...
Guy: Bleugh! Dude, I'm eating!
Definition 2:
Dude: Hey, Ho's Asleep! Lets shit on him!
Guy: Bleugh! Thas not right!
Definition 3:
Elanor is bleugh
Definition 4:
*Watch the movie if you have the stomach*
Definition 5:
When Breeze missed that shot on the cue ball, we all went bleugh...
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
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