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An (1) exclamation, (2) adjective, or (3)noun... connoting a circumstance of extreme disgust, repulsive in a sickening degree.
1. As an exclamation, it appropriately reacts to something seen as terribly revolting. Its origins may be onamatopoetic, approximating the sound of regurgitation or extreme gastric distress.

2. As an adjective, it describes a condition perceived as supremely nauseating.

3. As a noun, it is the situation itself that triggers revulsion.

An alternative spelling is bleurgh, pronounced more or less the same. It may be a British variation of "bleah," a similar American word with weaker intensity. Emphasis can come from affecting an altered intonation, sometimes comic, in speaking.
1a) Bleugh! Who crapped up the toilet seat?

b) Bleugh!!! If you're gonna be eating shit, please brush your teeth before trying to French kiss me.

c) BLEUGH, BLEUGH, BLEUGH! Never ever vomit in my stew again!
2a) That hateful witch, Nancy Pelosi, just spewed another bleugh diatribe.

b) Why are you making it sound so bleugh, haven't you farted out loud in church before?

c. Yes, it will be bleugh if some socialist asshole takes the White House. Just live with it.

3a) Honey, when you open that kid's diaper, you're gonna find a terrible bleugh.

b) What's this, the same old bleugh for supper again?

c) I'm trusting the MAGA crowd to fix the bleugh in DC; they can't make it any worse.
by Fatlips January 13, 2020
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A term used to reference cannabis/marijuana/weed.
This Jazz Cabbage got me zooted. Jazz Cabbage is less harmful than Squares. Iā€™m smoking that Jazz Cabbage boy.
by Gypsiehood97 December 30, 2017
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1. Something grotesque or disgusting; an expression of disgust or abhorrence. Similar to seeda
2. The reaction to a joke often involving a combination of toilet humour and sex jokes; an excessively vulgar joke. Similar to thas not right
3. A incredibly ugly girl; A woman without any graceful features, most probably a jabba; similar to 10987654321-zero
4. The sound a woman makes when she has coughs up a gallon of horse cum. In full phrase "Neeeigghh, Bleugh!"
5. An insult, often involving displaying convulsions similar to Definition 4; primarily used when a joke is really really bad, but also in a failed attempt at somethign menial. Often made by a fureak or disgruce, and rarely used for a poor guy
Definition 1:
Dude: thats when i found what the 'Dolmio Grin' was, first hand...
Guy: Bleugh! Dude, I'm eating!
Definition 2:
Dude: Hey, Ho's Asleep! Lets shit on him!
Guy: Bleugh! Thas not right!
Definition 3:
Elanor is bleugh
Definition 4:
*Watch the movie if you have the stomach*
Definition 5:
When Breeze missed that shot on the cue ball, we all went bleugh...
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
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BLEUGH is a 14 century slang used by the decendents of so called "mega meat bea
ts" the name really originated from bleugh bleugh the almight ruler of the acrolistics. Bleugh Bleugh was the originater of the slang coming from his name and was only used by both mr higger and beaner beater at the time of its creation. The slang slowly died out after 189 b.c. but some say is still used to remember bleugh bleugh and his almight power for mega meat and the acrolistics.
"Hey bro whats up?, BLEUGH!......BLEUGHHHH!
by BLEUGHHHH February 12, 2019
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a way of showing affection in a subtle way between you and your partner
Adam: ā€œi got you tickets to come visit me as an early Christmas present plus I messaged your managers to make sure you go the day off and I worked really hard for this for you lmaoooā€

Ben: ā€œbleughā€
by bleughhhhhhhhhhhhh December 01, 2019
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