6 definitions by Eric in NE

Anyone who comes into the city on weeknights and weekends from the suburbs. They don't know how to drive in city traffic, don't know where anything is located, and dine and shop at all the same resturants that they could have found back home in suburbia. Because of their urban ineptitude, cause city dwellers much frustration and angst.
Some fucking city-iot nearly ran me over today since they forgot that there are pedestrians in the city.

The city-iot broke three traffic laws just to get a spot in front of the Starbucks.
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
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Girls who can't afford expensive brand name clothing so they buy the cheap rip-offs and adorn themselves with flashy, fake jewlery. Often seen in malls being annoying and screeching over who's going to date so-and-so.
Shannon and Alison ditched class to hang out at the mall and scream at boys passing by, but none of the boys gave them the time of day because Shannon and Alison are ghetto-fabulous.
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
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A ridiculously vacuous phrase most often uttered by white middle-class suburbanites and lower-class city dwellers to express an imaginary connection with the country or cowboy lifestyles. Most often used in reference to a task, since it is a take on "get her done," meaning to finish a job, primarily something associated with blue-collar work. The biggest fans of this phrase and its subsiquent cultural niche are those who either have never lived on a farm, never seen a cow, or are unhealthily obsessed with country music. They most often drive pick-up trucks that they don't actually haul anything in, but like to rig out with winches and toolboxes as if they've got important things to do. Similar to poser and cowboy up.
Cleatus: "Gotta go 'round old man Miller's ranch and git them irrigation pipes."
John Boy: "Let's git er done."

Suburban whitey 1: "Hey, you want to help me install this 200 dollar tool box into my overpriced and ridiculously big pick-up that I only have to haul the groceries home and make me feel better about my small penis?"

Suburban whitey 2: "Let's git er done."
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
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Preppy girls and boys who sometimes sport Ramones t-shirts because Carson Daily made punk rock cool. They have no concept of punk rock, the punk attitude, or anything associated with it. All they know is that Skyler in sophomore English class is way hot, and he wears a Fall Out Boy shirt and sings in a band called "As My Eyelashes Turn To Dust and Blow Away in the Summer Winds."
Michelle started wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt when she saw Maddy in her bio class wearing one. She couldn't find one at Abercrombie though, so she had get it elsewhere. Her parents were worried, but Michelle promised she'd always remain a preppy punk for her love Maddy.
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
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Any woman or man that keeps up on the current trend of dressing in several different layers of eclectic, unmatching clothing. Common examples are girls with colorful miniskirts on over jeans and sheer sweaters over bright t-shirts, and guys with cardigans over plaid and vintage fake leather jackets with scarves. Named so because of their often hag-like appearance due to their layered, unmatching clothing.
My urban campus is overrun with urban hags.

Mary used to be an urban hag until someone tried to offer her money one day.
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
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Another incredibly vacuous term that no longer has the same meaning it initially did, thanks to cultural theft and abuse by people who aren't really cowboys at all, but bored, middle-class white people. It used to mean to toughen up or approach a problem with a hard attitude, but now is used to refer to anything requiring effort, or anything in which people are competeing against each other.

People sport the logo on their clothing or their car because they think it gives them credibility as a cowboy or a redneck, since it is now cool to be associated with these groups once again. But when you get down to brass tacks, most fans of the cowboy up marketing scheme are those who have no connection with the cowboy way of life at all. See poser, git er done and white trash.
Jenny thought that putting her "cowboy up" sticker on her SUV would make others think she was a country girl. In reality, most people just laughed at her.
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
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