452 definitions by Ereck Flowers

With my romantic experience, now I can narrow it down who I'm marrying and know how to be a better man.
by Ereck Flowers June 28, 2016
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With whom you think you're romantically compatible.
My romantic standard is Cindy so far.
by Ereck Flowers June 28, 2016
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Success with a woman or man that facilitates the possibility of marriage for you.
That wasn't romantic success because I had no intention to marry him.
by Ereck Flowers March 18, 2015
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When a child spends too much time in their bedroom and it becomes unhealthy for them.
I hope he's not going through room doom!
by Ereck Flowers May 03, 2019
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The confused and calm feeling an animal (especially a canine) has after its muzzled.
My dog was rambunctious. I muzzled him and he was simply muzzle puzzled, like it didn't know what happened and what he could have possible done wrong.
by Ereck Flowers November 23, 2018
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