452 definitions by Ereck Flowers

What you say when something bad happens between you and technology.
I pressed something. And now this device is not working. . .great.
by Ereck Flowers November 12, 2018
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A place where if you use a three syllable word, they think you are a professor.
The Midwest and The South. . .no one knows which is dumber.
by Ereck Flowers August 15, 2018
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Using the fact that you're human to get as many advantages in life as possible until a tragic demise. (Synonymous with "Playing the human card infinitely")
Some people who die young are accused of milking their humanity. Milking your humanity makes people forget you after you die.
by Ereck Flowers September 06, 2016
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When your mamma relaxes you for something bad that happens to you.
I just got fired. I needed a mom calm, just needed to talk thing out, and now I'm ready for more!
by Ereck Flowers November 12, 2018
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Without evil, there could be no good, so it must be good to be evil sometimes.
Even the crustiest human beings are part of our world's morality.
by Ereck Flowers November 21, 2018
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When you wake up in the morning, before your partner in bed has woken up, you hear him still snoring as you get out of bed.
Always morning snoring to start the day!
by Ereck Flowers November 14, 2018
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