452 definitions by Ereck Flowers

Dedicated to a person or a cause as a priority indefinitely.
The woman exhibited loyalty to the man by remaining romantically involved with him flawlessly for two years.
by Ereck Flowers April 17, 2015
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Man 1: You are overcompensating by taking too much hair cream. You're hair isn't that beautiful.

Man 2: I may have overcompensated him for the hair cream, now that you mention it.
by Ereck Flowers June 18, 2015
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An agreement spouting from a certain action.
There was a pact that you gave me the corn when you handed it to me.
by Ereck Flowers March 15, 2015
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Fumes of heavy paint that make you feel you will pass out.
That is some serious paint faint. I should have used a mask!
by Ereck Flowers November 20, 2018
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