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An insult is usually when someone says something rude or offensive to another person. Insults are usually used when someone is being annoying, but sometimes are used as jokes. Around 95% of people on the internet use insults, but only 1% of those use insults other than the following:
"Fuck you"
"I banged your mom last night" (This one is also said a lot in COD lobbies)
"Shut up"
Me: *types a comment on a youtube video*
Some kid: *replies back* "Shut up. I banged your mom last night"
Me: Nice insult, dickweed
by EpicCollision October 03, 2017

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A phrase said by a random fish in spongebob after he got blasted by Hiroshima in volcano form.
Fish: Hey SpongeBob!...
*Volcano blows up in his face, making him all burnt up and steamed*
Fish: Well At Least I Still Have My Personality.
by EpicCollision June 14, 2017

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Spoiler alert to anyone that hasn't been on the page yet:
A rather "interesting" page on Encyclopedia Dramatica that starts off pretty innocent, but takes a dark turn pretty quickly, with pictures ranging from harlequin babies to gory dead bodies to freaky bugs, and at the end a classic picture of George Bush. Once you've scrolled down to the bottom of the page, you see a certificate qualifying you to live in the United States. Hooray! :D

Honestly, since i'm a screwed up individual, I didn't really mind seeing the content this page has, except for those GODDAMN BUGS! UGH!
I was just on a page about Asperger's and saw a disclaimer at the top of the page telling me if I was offended to click on the word and slowly scroll down. It was like 11:00 PM at night when I first saw this page today.......Sleeping is for the weak anyways.
by EpicCollision October 31, 2017

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This is probably not what you are if you had to come to urban dictionary to look this word up.
Urban Dictionary Edgy Kid: Eye ham barry sem art.
Me: Whatever you say, smartypants
by EpicCollision January 03, 2018

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Apparently over half of the people here don't know that New York is actually a state, not a city. New York City is a city, but New York isn't, contrary to popular belief. I'm not even from New York, and I know this. Get your shit together, idiots.
While New York City is a pretty nice place, every single idiot that lives outside of New York state fails to acknowledge Upstate New York, the better New York. Upstate has some great villages and towns, and contrary to popular belief, has some cities, such as Albany (The REAL capital of the state), Buffalo, and Rochester.
While NYC is known for having some assholes, it's really not like that as a whole. NYC has five boroughs: The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Manhattan is known to be dense and where most of the action takes place, The Bronx is filled with minority ghettos, Brooklyn has a large Jewish population, as well as some landmarks, Queens is probably the most diverse area in the country, as well as being in one of the most diverse cities in the world, and Staten Island is not even known for anything because 85% of people don't know that it exists. Many people pick on Staten Island, but Impractical Jokers come from there (good show. If you don't know about it, you are missing out on a great show), so don't pick on it.
Me: I've actually Never been to New York, the state or the city.
by EpicCollision June 15, 2017

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A lot of edgy kids use it to insult something that they actually really like just to look cool.
Guy: Look, here comes that dork Justin Bieber! HAHAHAHA
Edgy Teenage Boy: LMAO that guy is legit Cancer
*writes about the smell of his hair in his fanboy diary*
by EpicCollision June 22, 2017

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Typically what people say when they refer to their hometown, when in all reality, every place in the world is nowhere near the best.
Person: Man, I love living in Baltimore! This is the best place on earth
Me: Now we know you are lying.
by EpicCollision June 22, 2017

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