9 definitions by Elisabeth Sherman

The hives an uber-cool band from Sweden thats fun to play at partys.
I played the Hives at my Halloween party and everyone was happy.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004
A show that normal people grew up watching. It rocks so much and the only thing that beats it is LOTR. Star Trek is a amazing show for smart and creative people. If you say dumb, your dumb and should probbaly get an imagination. Or a life. Not all people that watch the show are nerds, live with their parents, or are fat. In fact, only beyond cool people watch it. SO THERE!

By the way, The Next Generation is the best. Worf is the best, Picard is the best captain, and Enterprise is a shitty knockoff.
I LOVE DATA, PICARD AND WORF. Jonthan Frakes needs to learn how to act. Marina Cirtis needs to put some clothes on.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004
an artist and a genius. Known for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Pretty much awesonme dude. Wish I could have met him before he died.
Guy: Who's that Tolkien guy?
Girl: You don't know? Let's go to my nerd lair and find out.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004
Skany no talent girls that got famous because they're pretty. Or because who ever hired them was on crack.

They dress really though.
Mary-Kate is so hated that people actaully believe that shes slitting her wrists, anorexic, and a coke addcit all at once.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004
The strokes are an awesome, beyond cool band that ROCK more than you ever will!
The strokes rock my world.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004
Fab is a muy muy caliente babe from the most awesome band The Strokes. Fab makes me happy in my pants.
He doesn't know it yet, but he's MINE!
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004
Hilary is a stupid blonde chick that can't sing for shit, can't act for shit, and can't dress for shit. I'm sorry for all the little kids that like her. Maybe someday they will grow up and get a clue. SHE BITES THE BIG ONE!
Think shorter, slighty more annoying version of Britney Spears.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004