The most sought after porn in the world. The modern day perverts holy grail.
by Dr Mark Doran the Third January 12, 2003
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2)No talent-no acting skills whatsoever.
3)Have done no work to deserve the level of success they have-they made "full house" just because they didn't CRY when they held them up, then they plaed the baby, who only had like 2 lines per episode.
3) Had 500 other people guide theuir"careers". Dualstar was founded and run by other people, but mary-kate and ashley are in the movies, so it's successful.
4)same with their clothing line. It was founded and is run by someone else. Once in a while they PICK OUT CLOTHING. THAT'S IT.
5)Always makes the same kind of movies with the same plot because they can't act.
6)People like them and they are successful only because of their "good-girl twin" image.
The Olsen Twins became billionaires for being twins.
by dfsdfsd May 5, 2005
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The very definition of hotness gone terribly wrong.

What should have been two great looking twins turned into a duo of snaggle tooth trolls that appear to have crawled out of a hobo's ass (and in the process stole his clothing).

Synonymous with poor fashion taste and eating disorders.
Kid: Mom, is that what a bag lady looks like?

Mom: No sweetie pie, thats one of the Olsen Twins.

Kid: Can we throw pennies at her?

by EZ E December 8, 2007
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Ugly, bug-eyed troll creatures that live in the center of the earth only to emerge during the night from the depths to feed on cocks of human males and smoke crack in yonkers.
"I think they're prolly related to the Hilton Sisters too. . . ."
by Chris January 2, 2005
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The *ahem* twin male nether parts.
"Daaaamn, b. I just got smacked square in the Olsen Twins"
"He'd better not, or I'll give him a kick to his Olsen twins"
by Blatantperve January 21, 2005
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Skany no talent girls that got famous because they're pretty. Or because who ever hired them was on crack.

They dress really though.
Mary-Kate is so hated that people actaully believe that shes slitting her wrists, anorexic, and a coke addcit all at once.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004
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