Big scary Klingon of Star Trek lore. Picture the ugly half of Beauty and the Beast.
I am Worf, son of Mogh. Raarrr!
by Cream Soda June 8, 2005
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Break down Data? Puh-leeze. Haven't you seen the episode 'Datalore'?
While I love Worf, he simply isn't strong enough.
by Disillusioned Hippie September 24, 2005
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An adorable creature, looks like a dog.

My friend keeps insisting that it is an abomination with eight eyes and should be euthanized.

If found, do not give worf to Peta.
L: euthanize it!

A: NO!! Not the worf!
by BelovedCookie April 2, 2019
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Something offof star trek...but theres also one living on earth...:(
dumm deee dumm deee deee *turns around* AH GOD GET YOUR WORF ASS FOREHEAD OUT MY FACE
by Bommerous Qouous January 7, 2004
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When you notice that some small aspect of reality has suddenly changed from what you thought it was, like in the Star Trek: TNG episode Parallels when Worf silently switches between alternate realities.
Sean: Whoa, since when have Disaronno bottles been rhombuses? I thought they were rectangular.
Liam: Dude, they've always been rhombuses.
Sean: I think I'm worfing.

Worf: I... I thought the cake was chocolate.
Troi: Don't I wish!

Worf: Counselor, the painting that Commander Data gave me, it has moved.
Troi: Worf, I hung that painting there at your birthday party, remember?
Worf: No.
The painting has changed! Don't you see it?
Your hair, and your clothing, they have changed as well!
by S Murder November 29, 2012
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true origen: typo while conversing with your friend online
NateDecks: hey, that party that I played at on new years was awesome
phatphlava313: worf
by B Ross January 8, 2005
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