36 definitions by Eli

Bad ass ska band outa IN.
The Malcontents put on a fuckin bad ass show last night.
by Eli April 02, 2004
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The Greek word for hoe/ho
Auth einai pornidio
Skase pornidio gamw to spiti sou
8a sou skisw to gataki re pornidio
by Eli April 16, 2021
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n. fresh snow, slang for powder
We were cutting mad freshies in the pow pow up to our nippies bra
by Eli February 24, 2005
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"Ptruth" is a statement which could, logically, be true, but which the one who makes the statement has no idea whether it is actually true.
If I said that your brain is exactly the same size as your fist, and your dick is the same size as the distance between your thumb and forefinger stretched out, that would be the ptruth, because it could be true, but i have no idea whether it is.
by Eli May 19, 2003
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1.A person who is useless
2.A drip of sweat that starts at the underside of your nuts where your ass crack starts and runs down your nuts getting your underpants wet.
Damn it is so hot I already experienced nut run.
by Eli March 04, 2004
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Something that Gwen Stefani is referring to entirely too much nowadays. She is waaaay to hot to care about other girls.
I have heard 2 new songs and a commercial featuring Gwen Stefani and she has mentioned "Harajuku Girl" all 3 times
by Eli February 21, 2005
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From the Latin to suck at everything (Hardcorus Danci), something Emo kids try to do instead of crying to seem Bad ass.
Did you guys see that guy hardcore dancing? He probably hates his upper middle-class suburban home and the SUV his parents bought for him, that's why he's angry.
by Eli August 22, 2004
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