A customized vehicle wheel with an outer hub that spins independently of the inner wheel, giving the illusion that the wheel itself is still spinning when the vehicle comes to a complete stop.
Also: spinners, spinning wheel, or spinning rim.
That car is stopped, but the wheels are still spinning! They must be ridin' spinnaz.
by twilight13 September 7, 2005
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spinning wheels see spreewell normally found on lacs and other pimp mobiles.
man 1: Are those rims spinning?
man 2: Yea! niggaz ridin' spinnaz
man 1: ho shit! dem bitches is mos def 24s!
man 2: Holla boy! I bet he gets bitches like candy in that whip.
by staff November 29, 2003
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A image where a herm gets buttfucked and his dick spins around like a ridin spinnaz

(also cocks)
we ridin spinnaz we ridin spinnaz

also cocks
by Mike September 9, 2004
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driving a car with hubcaps that keep spinning long after the car has stopped, unless you got them at walmart, in which case they stop shortly after the car stops.
dude 1: check out that sweet Escalade, he's ridin spinnaz!
dude 2 (deep voice): they don't stop!

dude 1: check out that '93 dodge caravan, he's ridin spinnaz!
dude 2: I missed it!
by the babbler October 2, 2006
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When a (she-)male has anal sex (as the receiver) so vigorously that his penis spins around.

They don't stop.
by michael wolfson June 9, 2006
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