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A term used to describe magic used for bad intentions. The magic itself is not black/evil/bad or white/holy/good. Magic is as evil or saintly as gravity. The intent of the person casting the magic is what makes it good or bad, or somewhere within a gray area.
"I think a witch used black magic on me to give me bad dreams."
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 22, 2008
1. Slang. For sure, fo shizzle, fo' sho!, etc.
2. Adjective. Misspelling of fresh.
3. Proper noun. A Russian singer people often mix up with Tatu.
1. "Diyah like Fitty Cent?" "Fersh."
2. Her breath was fersh and minty.
3. Viktoria Fersh accompanied Rammstein in their song Moskau.
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 22, 2008
Noun, adjective. A Neopagan belongs to a religion in the catagory of Neopaganism. Neopagans include members of newly created Pagan religions. Neopagans include but are not limited to Wiccans. Their faiths may be current, but they are based on far older religions.
"Sam was wearing a pentagram."
1. (noun) "He may be a Neopagan."
2. (adjective) "He may be a member of a Neopagan religion."
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 23, 2008
Plural of Pagan. Members of a Pagan religion, not to be confused with the other definition.
The Pagans were out celebrating the full moon last night.
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 23, 2008
"Whomever keeps cancelling my submissions before they are reviewed is a jerkwad."
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 23, 2008
noun. A witch specializing in the earthen world. A green witch is typically female, practices solitarily, and is a Pagan. Green witches know much about the identities, myths, care, etc of plantlife and seek to preserve it. They attempt to connect with the earthen world with New Age methods such as meditating. They acknowledge magic and use it in tune with natural forces to accomplish a goal, aka using witchcraft. These goals may include, but are not limited to: healings, protectings, blessings. Green witches are usually knowledgable in herbalism.
My green witch sister told me that Native Americans viewed goldenseal as an all-purpose medicinal herb, but that I shouldn't use it because it is at-risk for extinction. She told me to use barberry instead.
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 22, 2008
A piece of 'literature' written by a fan of a tv show, movie, series, anime, etc centered around the same or some of the same characters and possibly a similar plot. Fan fictions usually contain characters acting in a manner that they would never act like, dating people they would never date (including people not of their gender preference), getting with people that they would never get with, and so on. Many are never finished, are never editted, and are not worth reading. In sites such as fanfiction.net they are likely to contain yaio.
"(reads) ...And so Itachi pressed Naruto... (wait is this fan fiction rated R? -goes to read another-) ...Kiari commed her haire in perfekt emostile..."
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 23, 2008