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Kiari; is a very lovable person when she wants to be but in some moments she can be a real b#@$% she is very bipolar , also very beautiful she really loves sports most commonly track & volleyball , she has the worst attitude but she doesn't care what you think no matter who you are you make her mad you're getting her mouth
Is that kiari

Exp: yea I heard she was really mean

I heard she was nice
by #snipergang October 02, 2018
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a kichen utinsil that comes alive at night... pokes you in your sleep if you've done something wrong, when you go to look for it so you can eat your midnight snack, it has already ran away with the dish you were going to put your snack on. Damn it!
"Man! My dish must have ran away with that Kiari! Kiari is such a tramp!"
by laaaadiiidaaaaaa November 15, 2007
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