Someone you can count on, always anyway.

See house.
He is my green, he saved my
by January 29, 2021
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Someone who changed your life and is always there for you. You can tell them anything and they always know how to make you happy even when you are at your lowest.
“They are my green
by Soxbduaiak April 18, 2023
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someone who saved you. the person you feel at home with.
she is my home💚
by matixreinhart January 29, 2022
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unconditional fantasy love for someone that they don't even know your name, yet, it's very beautiful because your best memories are them.
Do you have your green?

Yes, my green is Stray Kids!
Well, that's sound nice, mine is Levi from Attack on Titan.
by pitpapitpiu January 7, 2021
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To make ones wealth known, to be deliberately ostentatious, to be frivilous with money. See also greens
"I went up to the counter and flashed my greens and they gave me the best seat in the house", or "Tonight I'm going to pick up my date, take her to the club and flash my greens."
by Martron January 14, 2007
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This is a website which aspires to help increase shared community awareness of natural and sustainable living practices, products and services. The aim is to use this forum to promote informed decision-making in best practices for a green life for ourselves and all who desire to live green. Developed by S and G Lorch June 2010
I am so impressed by the information on My Green Neighbor. I will certainly have a more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle as a result.
by ins suzi q June 22, 2010
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