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When you spit your partner's cum in their mouth without telling them after they have cummed in your mouth without telling you
I snow blowed him to get him back.
by Eddie October 05, 2003

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1. Dumbass
2. redneck
3. Chip of the ol' whimp
4. the heir to a family obsessed with killing all brown people
5. A "man" who can't pronounce the name of the missles he controls
6. Hopefully the 2nd impeached president
7. Quite possibly the last president of the U.S.A
8. A title for someone who gets a boner for oil
9. Dale Gribble look-alike
10. Goatse's apprentice
11. I'm just insulting him without any basis in fact now, huh?
12. President with the most vacation time of any president so far, but living in a time where we need constant government watch(yeah, right)
13. tubgirl
14. The only surviver of a rat face transplant
1. Man, you're such a Dubbuh!
2. If you cant think of more than 1 joke, you might be Bush.
by Eddie December 30, 2004

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A citizen of West Virginia.
Most of my family came from Tennessee, but my father's parents were horsefuckers.
by Eddie March 06, 2003

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Comes from the Argentine language. Means someone with huge hairy balls. Making you a dumb-ass.
Sali de aca pelutudo!
Get outta here dumb-ass!
by Eddie July 02, 2003

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reckless, defiant of authority
"He had a devil may care attitude."
by Eddie December 01, 2004

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A great band with lyrics I can greatly relate to.
Mudvayne is Godly.
by Eddie July 16, 2003

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1. To control like a professional.
2. To control very well, have posession of very well, or preform an action very well.

;A verb - used anywhere where it makes sense like in sports, sexual activities, transportation, insults, comments, etc.
1. The manipulation of Ronaldinio on the soccer ball made everyone jealous.
by Eddie March 21, 2005

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