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giles is a slang term for someone in the business world that is not smart that uses the language barrier to mask their lack of intelligence. Often, they are found out but usually it takes too long and therefore collect many paychecks before this happens. Also, they usually underneath everything are really an asshole.
That guy is such an idiot, he is a real giles.
by Eddie December 16, 2004
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An adjective used to describe a person that constantly smokes weed and who is content with his/her state, resenting any sort of criticism from others.

Origin unknown. I first heard it in an email thread.
Sam has been smoking weed all day and when I told him that he should stop for the day, he told me that I was being a prick. He was acting like such a mir mir!
by Eddie October 27, 2004
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Comes from the line of the biggest pimp daddys around in all of the U.S.
Said to be able to bend a girl over in less than 8 seconds flat.
I'm gonna pull a Loisel on your ass, now get bending bitch.
by Eddie April 8, 2005
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gay, gay and more gay LMAO

p.s. shit CS player
by Eddie March 14, 2004
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1. Dumbass
2. redneck
3. Chip of the ol' whimp
4. the heir to a family obsessed with killing all brown people
5. A "man" who can't pronounce the name of the missles he controls
6. Hopefully the 2nd impeached president
7. Quite possibly the last president of the U.S.A
8. A title for someone who gets a boner for oil
9. Dale Gribble look-alike
10. Goatse's apprentice
11. I'm just insulting him without any basis in fact now, huh?
12. President with the most vacation time of any president so far, but living in a time where we need constant government watch(yeah, right)
13. tubgirl
14. The only surviver of a rat face transplant
1. Man, you're such a Dubbuh!
2. If you cant think of more than 1 joke, you might be Bush.
by Eddie December 31, 2005
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The overly messy explosion of semen, cum, sperm, man-juice, etc. all over the face of a woman giving a guy head. To be a proper cock-gun blast, the juice must get in the hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and pretty much everywhere else on the face and other areas.
My ex-girlfriend was takin a lick on my gigglestick one last time and she told me to tell her when I was about to let loose. I timed it just right so that she got a full-on cock-gun blast right to the face.
by Eddie March 19, 2005
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