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The second most awkward person on earth. Smart af. Can't imagine a life without her, cause she is a fucking badass and an amazing friend. Literally, the best person to spend time with.
She is so fun, a total Sali
by weirdliza June 18, 2018
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A wonderful guy who isnt very handsome but girls think he is. He is ver big headed and thins he's on top of the world. He has a great future planned for himself. Normally is confused as to which girl he should go after. His girlfriend is always a lowkey person. His voice is deep. Loves hanging out woth his "crew".
Girl 1: Hey do you lnow who that is ?
Girl 2 : Oh thats Salis but you can't talk to him he already has a girlfriend.

Girl 3: I heard he doesnt he just lies about it
by Thetruemeaing December 29, 2016
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The most accurate thing to exist in this world. Everyone likes Sali
Sali is real.
Sali is good
by Idroppedmycroissant February 13, 2019
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This lil homie(salis) is a chicken nugget and this is his sister marie hmu(hit me up) ...
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by Marie aka Xkeno June 04, 2018
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When a boy or girl is so full of themselves and thinks they are so fit and sexy or good looking but they are actually so ugly in general. They will try hard to look their best but it never works out. So it basically means a really ugly looking person who thinks they look good.
Millie: Hey did you see Bonnies post?
Lily: Yeah init she’s so sali.
Lili: Yeah isn’t it Lily.
Sofia: I hate people who are sali.
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by anonymousthicc May 05, 2019
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