67 definitions by eddie

A guy named Eddie who has a small limp penis
You're such a lenis!
by eddie January 22, 2004
to display an example and/or to repeat.
well, allow me to retort!
by eddie May 21, 2005
A big bowling steel ball that Bowser dumps out of his Clown Pot.
The BIG STEELY rolled toward Mario.
by eddie June 5, 2003
A particularly harsh referee for a gaming server. Will boot you for simple things, such as him stepping on one of your mines, or being too good with a panzer for his liking. He can be perfectly ok, but goes off his rocker at the slightest thing.

You can tell a xamm for his use of the word "Clusterfucks"
Someone: "We made a perfectly honest mistake and meant you no harm, lets try and re-organise things."

A xamm: Oh get lost you fuck head
by eddie February 1, 2005
A job that has to do with a hand
A handjob; cleaning a table
by eddie March 27, 2005