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(N.) A place where kids who's parents either cannot raise a child due to something beyond their control (I.E: financial stress) or have been willfully abandoned by assholes who would rather drink and fuck rather than be parents. Kids who are in the care of an orphanage are called orphans.
James was raised in an orphanage.
by Dr_dude March 27, 2014

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The "polite" term for spanking the monkey, choking the chicken, beating your meat, polishing your pole, having a wank, ect. ect. You get it. It's how the news man would tell the audience you've been jerking off.
In local news, city councilman McAccerty was allegedly found engaging in self gratification behind the bus shelter with a toy giraffe and a roast chicken. We go live on the scene of his press conference now.
by Dr_dude November 03, 2019

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A "verified" user checkmark found next to the username of anyone stupid] enough to give their personal information to twitter], such as a celebrity or public official, but most of the time found next to the usernames of has-been] journalists and complete nobodies. The badge is named for it's blue coloration, and the fact users possessing the blue badge of faggotry tend to enjoy broadcasting their retarded], uninformed, usually left-wing leaning opinions over the virtual soapbox.
When you see someone acting retarded on twitter, look for the blue badge of faggotry.
by Dr_dude April 19, 2019

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When someone performs an incredibly stupid] action that results in their death or their sterilization], it is said they have been "Darwin'd", as they have done humanity a favor by keeping their potentially genetic mental defects out of the gene pool. The name refers to Darwin's theory of evolution, in which a species survives and adapts by being the most fit (to pass their genes on), and anyone who has been "Darwin'd" clearly is not. Being "Darwin'd" is a prerequisite to winning a Darwin Award]
John stood in front of a moving car after his friend dared him fifty dollars to. John was hit by the car, and is now in a persistent vegetative state. Due to his newfound inability to breed as a result of his poor judgement, it can be said that he has been "Darwin'd"
by Dr_dude December 12, 2018

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A pokemon technique with the uncanny ability to miss it's target at the precise moment of critical importance
My Gengar outsped the enemy's Tyranitar and used focus blast, but it missed and the enemy's Tyranitar swept my team.
by Dr_dude July 08, 2018

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The hardest of all the "mile clubs" to get into, to get in, you have to have sex in a submarine, a submersible, or a bathysphere.
Richard: FUCK YEA!
Mike: what?
Richard: I'm now a member of the mile deep club!
Mike: what the hell is that?
Richard: Its like the mile high club, except you have to have sex in a submarine.
by Dr_dude January 10, 2015

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A burn so hard that the target is just speechless. often people will call them out for it
Tom and Bob went to the dog fight.

Tom: Hi Bob.
Bob: Aye Tom, sup.
Tom: Nothing much, you?
Bob: Well, are you here to enter that tiny dog of yours in? Its so small! It wouldn't do anything!
Tom: that's what your girlfriend said to you last night!
James: Lets get this guy to the burn ward, looks like he's got a third degree burn!
by Dr_dude January 11, 2014

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