121 definition by Doug

The degree to which one is fucked.
Our plans were in a state of serious fucktitude when Dave's car ran out of gas.
by Doug March 01, 2003

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a trick is a ho's customer, hence turning a trick.
that trick had a nice caddy, so i stold it
by doug March 11, 2005

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A woman.
When my sandwhich maker stops working, I just hit it a few times.
by Doug March 12, 2004

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(n) A fast retard
Vrooom! Zoomtard is the fastest.
by Doug February 13, 2004

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Bliss: All Of The Above
A firetruck can be:

A. Big
B. Small
by Doug April 14, 2004

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It means the gay. You use t3h gh3y when you are referring to someone.
Dude, Max, you are t3h gh3y.
by Doug April 11, 2004

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Another names for Trainers
Gonna get some new Treads!
by Doug November 24, 2004

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