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Porno is the relaxing pics of naked chicks and babes that you look at while masturbating
"I looked at the porno in the magazine and when asked i said:"What i like to read the articles!!!""
by Douchebag February 07, 2003

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A vibrator is a dildo that vibrates.
"Some vibrators actually have remote controls and multiple vibration settings."
by Douchebag February 08, 2003

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Ed also has no chin...
Edd also has an enormous chin...
this is the funniest show on television as Ed is a moron...
Ed, Edd n Eddy is funny...they do the stupidest stuff ever...haha...
by Douchebag February 28, 2004

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Being introduced in Japan in 1978, the Prelude shared the same drivetrain as the Accord, the Prelude has always been a two door, front wheel drive coupe. It had the CVCC Advanced Stratified Charge, In-line 4 cylinder SOHC engine, With 72hp @ 4500rpm and 4 wheel independent struts. Then in 1994, the Honda Prelude had a VTEC with 190hp @ 6800rpm.
Prelude's are nice.
by Douchebag February 28, 2004

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What Snoop Dogg carries an umbrella for.
Haha...that's the dumbest joke ever!!!
by Douchebag March 13, 2004

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7 foot monster of WWE...he is badass and all around dominating!!!
Kane rules!!!
by Douchebag March 11, 2004

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In 1992, Mitsubishi came out with the first Lancer Evolution, powered by a 2L, 250 hp turbocharged-intercooled 4G63 engine with all wheel drive and weighed 2574 lbs. The Evolution began to advance through the EVO II with 260 hp, increasing turbo boost pressure, the EVO III with 270 hp and a second intercooler, and a larger rear wing, to the EVO IV with the new twin-scroll turbo, to the EVO V, with it's aluminum spoiler, to the EVO VI with a twinwing spoiler, including a Tommi Makinen version, a heavier car, to the EVO VII with the new Active Center Differential, to the nicely made EVO VIII...EVO's are a great car because they are a 4 cylinder with 276 hp and 289 lb-ft stock and are capable of competing with higher classes of cars, such as the Corvette(I shit you not, I saw a stock EVO VIII outrun a stock Corvette)...
EVO's rule!!!
by Douchebag February 28, 2004

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