36 definitions by Douchebag

Someone who is a slave to another for sex.
Yes, that is correct, she is my sex slave!!!
by Douchebag February 8, 2003
Ed also has no chin...
Edd also has an enormous chin...
this is the funniest show on television as Ed is a moron...
Ed, Edd n Eddy is funny...they do the stupidest stuff ever...haha...
by Douchebag February 28, 2004
One who cocks sluts, or uses their cock on sluts.
"Stop cocking the slut, Slut-Cocker!!!"
"I, the Slut-Cocker, am now attempting to use my cock on the slut!!!"
by Douchebag February 7, 2003
Starting off as the Datsun 810 in 1977 with rear-wheel drive and a semi-trailing arm rear suspension with a 2.4L OHC straight 6 engine from the 240Z. It has been suggested that this be called the Zero Generation because it never really wore the Nissan Maxima badge, so in late 1980/early 1981, Nissan made a base called the Deluxe, still with rear wheel drive and a 2.4L OHC straight 6, being officially named the Nissan Maxima in 1984. The second generation, much as the same as today, was the first front-wheel drive model, and the third generation was BMW inspired, introducing the DOHC VE30DE in the SE model.
by Douchebag February 29, 2004
7 foot monster of WWE...he is badass and all around dominating!!!
Kane rules!!!
by Douchebag March 12, 2004
A biscuit that a woman queefs on.
"I just queefed on that biscuit, making it a queef biscuit!!!"
by Douchebag March 12, 2003