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Starting off as the Datsun 810 in 1977 with rear-wheel drive and a semi-trailing arm rear suspension with a 2.4L OHC straight 6 engine from the 240Z. It has been suggested that this be called the Zero Generation because it never really wore the Nissan Maxima badge, so in late 1980/early 1981, Nissan made a base called the Deluxe, still with rear wheel drive and a 2.4L OHC straight 6, being officially named the Nissan Maxima in 1984. The second generation, much as the same as today, was the first front-wheel drive model, and the third generation was BMW inspired, introducing the DOHC VE30DE in the SE model.
by Douchebag February 28, 2004
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Beginning as the Quint Integra in 1985 in Japan, the Integra was shipped to the U.S. in 1986. In 1985, for trim models were produced, GS, GSi, ZS, and LS, all having carburation except the injected GSi, hence the i standing four injection, believe it or not...In 1986 the GS was discontinued, and replaced with the RSi, also injected...In 1987, the GS returned, the RSi discontinued and introduced were the VX and RX models, both of which had a cross flow 12-valve SOHC with carburator...
by Douchebag February 28, 2004
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Lexus model. In Japan, it is the Toyota Altezza. Lexus is non existent in Japan. It is just a new way of selling the high luxury division of Toyota.
Lexus IS200 are nice, but relatively ricey with the stock Euro taillights and stock bomb muffler.
by Douchebag April 19, 2004
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A Holden Monaro. Yes folks, half of the people on this site diss it without even knowing the facts. Let me set it straight for you. Price is $59,350. Dimensions: 186.8 in x 71.8 in x 54.5 in. Engine: 346 ci V8, 332 hp@5600 rpm, 343 lb-ft@4000 rpm. ABS vented disc brakes. Most commonly called the CV8 III Engine. HOLDEN IS MADE IN AUSTRALIA, and is a Ford EQUIVALENT. Ford is actually pretty good in Australia, but HOLDEN IS THEIR COMPETITOR.
The Holden Monaro is pretty cool.
by Douchebag September 14, 2004
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7 foot monster of WWE...he is badass and all around dominating!!!
Kane rules!!!
by Douchebag March 11, 2004
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In 1992, Mitsubishi came out with the first Lancer Evolution, powered by a 2L, 250 hp turbocharged-intercooled 4G63 engine with all wheel drive and weighed 2574 lbs. The Evolution began to advance through the EVO II with 260 hp, increasing turbo boost pressure, the EVO III with 270 hp and a second intercooler, and a larger rear wing, to the EVO IV with the new twin-scroll turbo, to the EVO V, with it's aluminum spoiler, to the EVO VI with a twinwing spoiler, including a Tommi Makinen version, a heavier car, to the EVO VII with the new Active Center Differential, to the nicely made EVO VIII...EVO's are a great car because they are a 4 cylinder with 276 hp and 289 lb-ft stock and are capable of competing with higher classes of cars, such as the Corvette(I shit you not, I saw a stock EVO VIII outrun a stock Corvette)...
by Douchebag February 28, 2004
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Buck Fuffalo is the nice way to say fuck buffalo...all you do is switch the two beginning letters...
Mother fucker shit bitch!!!
What, Buck Fuffalo???
by Douchebag March 15, 2004
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