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more deliberate riffs and beats than speed, punctuated vocals and lyrics hailing from the skate scene, owes its origins to early 80s bay area scene.
Armored Saint, Anthrax, early Metallica
by Dnite April 14, 2003
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close close cousin of sludge, etc. with a penchant for working class lyrics, down home riffs, and much much resin to slow the rock.
by Dnite April 14, 2003
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rippingly rapid riffs, mach 9 beats, and a tendency toward thrashing throttle vocals
by Dnite April 14, 2003
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Poser1:Yo, I'm this music is so raw, its like saying "fuck you" to the corperate world
Poser2:Your cell phones ringing
by Dnite April 14, 2003
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more about the image than the music; you know those eye-make-up-wearing freaks with excessive jewelry, chromey studs and (of course) layers upon layer of black leather or cotton? that's the image; the music could manifest as death, gore, black, doom, whatever... usually hella keyboards like industrial, but more melody than distortion. but don't take it all too seriously. this is one image best seen as the bulge in one's cheek.
Type-O Negative
by Dnite April 14, 2003
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the new-school cousin of death, grind core serves its skate punk audience up with a metallic break from the Sex Pistols. grind your trucks the skate board's axel. hardcore.
by Dnite April 14, 2003
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It is used to compare something where the <blank> in question is more fun than the comparative <blank>
The Rollarcoster is funner than bumper cars
by Dnite February 21, 2003
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