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A genre of music that is meant to be pretty simple. Many grindcore bands use basic riffs at inhuman speeds and write songs ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The genre was started by Napalm Death and Carcass during the mid eighties. It later evolved to have a bunch of its own subgenres.

Goregrind which is grindcore influenced bands with gorey lyrics, the vocals almost always seem to use effects. Some goregrind is: Lymphatic Phlegm, Regurgitate, Squash Bowels, and more.

Pornogrind is usually very simple and contains a lot of erotic lyrics or odd fetishes to make the genre more humerous then serious. Some pornogrind is: The Meat Shits, Cock and Ball Torture, Anal Bleeding.

Political grindcore, Crustcore, noisecore are also some other grindcore sub-genres. But i myself don't listen to any of those so i can't really tell you what exactly they're like and what bands fall under that catagory.

Key Grindcore artists: Napalm Death, Carcass, Gut, Impetigo, Pig Destroyer, Nasum, Lymphatic Phlegm, Regurgitate, Morbid Savouring, Meat shits, Neuro-Visceral Exhumation
Slipknot is not nor anywhere near grindcore. The idiot who posted that obviously has no clue what the genre is if he seriously thinks that. Don't listen to his words, they are pretty useless.
by Shadow0fDeath July 02, 2004
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Grindcore is an extreme form of hardcore punk and heavy metal, related to both death metal and crust punk, but historically formed by combining elements of Hardcore Punk and early thrash metal.Grindcore is characterized by extreme speed, brutality,increadable screams/growls which sometimes are used in conjunction with a pitch shifter, discordant guitars and intense blast beats. The genre was pioneered during the early 1980s in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Brazil by bands such as Sore Throat and Napalm Death. In the United States the genre has their roots with proto-grindcore and hardcore punk bands such as Siege, DRI, Cyanamid, Deep Wound and Repulsion.
Many of the early bands, such as Napalm Death, DRI, and Siege were seen by their contemporaries as part of the anarcho-punk and hardcore punk scenes. As many anarcho-punk and peace punk bands in England and hardcore in the United States had already incorporated elements of heavy metal into their music.
Over time grindcore has evolved into many many sub genres and has also hybridized with death metal to create death grind. Grindcore has proven somewhat difficult to categorise. Some fans and musicians have a firm concept of genre and subgenre, but others reject such categorisation as limiting or useless.
There is often significant crossover from one category to another, and often the influence of non-metal music is present.
* Political grindcore: This subgenre is known for having politically aware lyrics, and is sometimes associated with the crust punk and peace punk movement. Of all the subgenres of grindcore, this one remains the most musically similar to the earliest grindcore bands. Examples include Nasum and Napalm Death.
* Porno Grind a sub genre similar to gore grind which can have perveted lyrics that focus purely around sex or can mix perverted lyrics with gory lyrics. The often but not always pornogrind bands use pitchshifters and have low pitched gargling vocals. Examples include Cock And Ball Torture, Regurgitate and Gorgasm
* Power violence a lot like grindcore, drum-wise and vocal-wise at times, but leans more to being faster sounding hardcore. Widely considered a sub genre of hardcore, equally if not more.
* Goregrind: This subgenre started with the band Carcass, and is most notable for having gore obsessed lyrics, and pitchshifted vocals.
* eGrind (also referred to as Cybergrind, Digital Grindcore, Digigrind, or Midicore) is a form of grindcore that, aside from the instruments used by ordinary grind, uses computer generated sounds and/or drum machines and other synthetic instruments. Typical bands in the genre are lightning fast with shorter songs, usually under 2 minutes and sometimes use samples.
* Death/Grind: Death metal with heavy grindcore influences, or vice versa.
* Noisecore: structure-free grindcore, with feedback, hateful lyrics and general disregard for musicianship. For example Anal Cunt, Genital Masticator, Rutatron.
Here is a list of just a few grindcore bands

* 324
* Agathocles
* Agoraphobic Nosebleed
* Anal Cunt
* Arsedestroyer
* Asterisk*
* Bathtub Shitter
* Benümb
* Beyond Terror Beyond Grace
* Bile (Netherlands)
* Blood
* Blood Duster
* Bodies Lay Broken
* Brujeria
* Brutality Reigns Supreme
* Büfo
* Carcass
* Cock and Ball Torture
* Creamface
* Cretin
* Cripple Fetish
* Cripple Bastards
* Dahmer
* Denak
* Destroy and Disrupt
* Exit-13
* Extreme Noise Terror
* Extreme Smoke
* Fear of God
* Garbage Guts
* Godstomper
* Gore Beyond Necropsy
* Gronibard
* Haemorrhage
* Hymen Holocaust
* Impetigo
* Lakupaavi
* Last Days of Humanity
* Maggut
* Magrudergrind
* Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay
* Misery Index
* Mixomatosis
* Napalm Death
* Nasum
* Nyctophobic
* Old Lady Drivers
* Patareni
* Phobia
* Repulsion
* Rhino Charge
* Rompeprop
* Rot
* Rotting Flesh
* Rotten Sound
* Sanity's Dawn
* Sewn Shut
* Sexorcist
* Siege
* Sound Pollution
* The Kill
* Total Fucking Destruction
* Tu Carne
* Unholy Grave
* Unseen Terror
* Vulgar Pigeons
* V.N.A.
* Warscars
* Warsore
* Words That Burn
* W.B.I.
by Time Traveler April 11, 2006
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An extremely chaotic style of music which combines many genres, notable hardcore and metal. The bands may consist of a typical four piece unit (vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer), although some include keyboards and samples. The vocals are almost always screaming, and singing is very uncommon, if used at all. The time signatures, tempos, and key signatures used are often very random, and many bands in the genre are known for purposefully not keeping time. The guitar and bass are often very distorted and downtuned. All instruments usually have very random parts which usually do not use any rules of musical theory. The lyrics and song titles are also very random and usually do not make sense. A very popular way to identify these bands is by their song lengths, as they are usually approximately 1 min or less.
Anal Cunt, The Locust, Napalm Death, Fuck the Facts, Pig Destroyer, Swarrrm.
by MatthewK August 09, 2005
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A genre of music that developed in the mid 80's, when punk groups such as Siege and Sore Throat began to take their respective sounds to progressively further extremes. Repulsion is considered by many to be the first "proper" grindcore band, as their 1986 demo (later released on CD as the album "Horrified" in 1989) provided the listener with all of grindcore's key ingredients: noisy, fuzzy bass, blast beats, snarled vocals, short songs (often under two minutes) and minimal guitar work which relied on repeating, hyptnotic rhythms which were similar to hardcore punk but had a notable "metal edge." In the following years, several bands release important albums that further defined the genre: Napalm Death's "Scum" (1987), Carcass's "Reek of Putrefaction" (1988) and Terrorizer's "World Downfall" (1989). These bands presented a punkish sound that was excessively noisy and chaotic, generally lacked melody and was among the most extreme music of its time. Lyrically, they generally either focused on extreme blood and gore or social/political issues. By the 1990's, grindcore began to rise in popularity, with some bands being more punk or metal than others. Among the more important bands from this era include Anal Cunt, Impetigo, Pig Destroyer, Extreme Noise Terror, Dead Infection, Regurgitate and Last Days of Humanity among others. The more significant bands from the 2000's include the likes of Fuck...I'm Dead and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. A number of different sub-genres began to appear during the 90's, the most popular being goregrind, which was perfected by Impetigo. Another popular sub-genre that has developed a cult following in recent years in cybergrind, sometimes called techno grind, which combines grindcore with industrial and dance music, and is often low-fidelity and in many cases is produced by a single person. Other notable sub-genres include noisecore and powerviolence, which are often not directly associated with the metal scene (with the later often being more associated with the hardcore scene). In the last few years, bands such as The Locust and Dillinger Escape Plan have presented a sound that appears to have "elements" of grindcore (such as blast beats, unintelligible vocals and choatic guitar playing), but they tend to lack the punkish, traditional elements of the style, leading to debate over whether or not the bands should fit under the label.
Just because a band is noisy or uses blast beats does not mean they are grindcore. Like many metal genres, it is defined primarily by the guitar playing.
by Cody Richeson April 17, 2006
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created in the 80s, grindcore is a genre of fast/heavy music that has distorted thrashy guitars and a fast drum pattern known as the blastbeat, usually contains a variation of screaming and growling. in some cases it's too metal for punks, or too punk for metalheads.
the daughters and numbertwelvelookslikeyou = not grindcore
by zandig_worldtraveler August 24, 2005
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Grindcore (or grind) is an incredibly abrasive outgrowth of crust punk and a fusion of hardocre punk (mainly crust punk) and heavy metal (mainly thrash metal). It is defined by heavily distorted instruments, screamed vocals, and lyrics that deal with a range of topics. Grindcore is also defined by the microsong: a song lasting mere seconds.

The band Napalm Death is believed to have created grindcore (and coin the term) on their first two albums: Scum and From Enslavement to Obliteration.

Grindcore has a variety of subgenres:
*Crustgrind - a fusion of grindcore and crust punk
*Goregrind - grindcore with gorier lyrics and the use of a pitchshifter.
*Noisegrind - Grindcore focused on noise ond speed over musicmanship.
*Cybergrind - Grindcore with influences from electronic music.
*Deathgrind - Grindcore with the complexity of death metal.
*Pornogrind - grindcore with sexualized lyrics and groovy riffage.
*Scenegrind - mainstream, watered down grindcore.
by Mezmerizer November 03, 2007
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