A mild form of mental illness, in which subjective experiences of emotional distress are common but contact with reality has not been lost. Examples include anxiety disorders, depression and eating disorders. It is also called psychoneurosis.
Neurosis can in many ways be distinguished from the more severe psychotic mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and manic depression (bipolar).
by Doc_B April 14, 2015
A vague diagnosis to describe:
-sometimes constant anxiety with no stress triggering it
-obsessive compulsive antics
-irritably with your girlfriend to the point where you smack her and she says "why" and you reply "because"
-repeated fantasizing of every day things

Symptoms tend to take form in manic episodes that can last for days, weeks, or maybe just an hour.
Kimmy: "I hate my life. Why am I even here?"
Kimmy then has thoughts about self worth and what her worth means to Tod, which is being controlled by her sporadic anxiety attack because she has neurosis.
Tod: "Haha, you're so neurotic."
by Faghagg February 1, 2010
leading proponent of the progressive neurocore movement.
the blood that runs through me is not my own
by dave universe March 2, 2004
To quit a level that you are best suited to that you may or may not be excelling at, and join a level lower to what you are best suited to for easy wins.
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
Neurosis of the infinite kind. The Alpha and Omega of Neurosis. The self induced, interconnected, interstellar particle of Neurosis from which all Neurosis stems.
When the turns green... The lantern burns bright...you suffer neurosis and master it. You become a sensei of Neurosis, and then you take a big draw on life and Chuck Neurosis faces you!
by 12th Dan Neurosis March 15, 2017
A clan that won this random 'Counter-Strike'(whats that?) league in some place named Brisbane (wheres that?)
I am in neurosis.
by Lol June 21, 2003
A mild mental health condition caused by sheltering in place for a month or more due to a pandemic. Signs are a partial loss of reality and difficulty interacting with others even with social distancing. Can progress to psychosis with continued isolation.
Zach has been sheltering place for so long that he is easily agitated. He is suffering from quarantine neurosis.
by Dr. Jaw May 6, 2020