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originally a 60's blues band from England called "Earth," fronted by Ozzy Osbourne who left the band. black sabbath were the creators of heavy metal, they took rock music and added dark lyrics, and Tony Iommi's brilliant heavy disturbing sounding/blues laced guitarwork and created a new sound that people still love and still relate to today. One of the most influencal bands in heavy music.
Kids still rock out to Sabbath today!
by ratsinthewall March 01, 2003
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1. A popular band from the sixties to the eighties, sporting dozens of major hits, and a new sound. Sometimes considered the important first metal band ever.
2. The sabbath upon which sorcerers practice magic to the fullest extent, in cults.
magick, (also see 'Witches Sabbath', or 'Black Mass.')
music, (also see 'War Pigs', 'Electric Sleep', 'Electric Funeral', and 'Supernaut'.
1. "Iron Man is the best damn song ever... Black Sabbath Rules!"
2. "Hey, are you bringing the goat heads or the meathooks for the Black Sabbath ritual?"
2. (b) "Hey, did you see that the occultshop has a "Black Sabbath Bargian? 45% off all crystal skulls and grimoires!"
by Tom Warwick October 04, 2007
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Creators of such songs as Iron Man, Sabath Bloody Sabath, Wall of Sleep, Nib, The Wizard, The Natiojnal Acrobat and other great songs that created metal.

oh yeah and SEAN FUCK YOU
by Count Orlock May 05, 2003
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cool band from back in the day which featured our favorite druggie, ozzy
Will you please welcome...BLACK SABBATH!

--some guy on the album "Live at Last"
by so freaking paranoid March 11, 2003
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First and still one of the greatest metal bands in the history of music. Originally a blues band from Birmingham, England called the Blues Earth Company or just plane Earth as they went by. Two members were kicked out of the band and they changed their name to Black Sabbath (named after an old horror movie). The original lineup included Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and Ozzy Osbourne. After Eight amazing albums Ozzy was being an asshole, so they kicked him out the band. Good ridance too. contrare to what you believe Black sabbath was never "ozzy's band". Ozzy didnt do shit in that band. all he did was sing, he didnt write any lyrics or anything, and his voice wasnt even all that great. The next Sabbath singer to take Ozzy's place was the master of metal singing, Ronnie James Dio. He was there the albums Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. After Dio left several other singers came in such as Ian Gillan, Ray Gillen, Glen Hughes and Tony Martin. Dio then returned for the best Black Sabbath album, Dehumanizer. Dio then left again and Ozzy returned and i believe they are writing new songs now. The have released new demos such as Pscho Man and Selling My Soul.
Black Sabbath = pioneers of metal.
by Ned Gale December 29, 2005
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