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The ITL is a small town located right outside of Charlotte, NC. ITL is a shortened version of the town's real name, Indian Trail. The town is filled with people who like to get drunk and blow stuff up. If you happen to drive through Indian Trail be on the look out for some folks building a bonfire in a field. That means that they are having a field party and you should stop in and drink some free hard liquor. There is also plenty of females in the ITL. And, if you are looking to hook up, then you have found the place to stop. If you end up in this place one night acting a fool, don't worry because the sheriffs won't even bother you.
I'm going to the ITL this weekend to vist some slizzles.

I know I was wasted last night, but how did I end up in the ITL.
by Dirty February 15, 2005
another word for fronts which are removable gold or platinum teeth that go over top or your real teeth
I'm from tha Dirty South, best believe u gonna see a gold grill when u look in my mouth!
by Dirty November 29, 2004
One who has ladies makin money for him in the streets. Also, never pays for sexual favours, instead, gets goods out of the lady trying to seduce him.
I aint that playa tryin to holla cuz I want some head, I'm that playa tryin to holla cuz I want some bread.
by Dirty July 9, 2003
an educated or "big" word in place of a more common one used so one can try to appear smarter than they really are
Foo: I ventured to the marketplace and purchased many consumer goods.

Dirty: Foo all u did was go to tha damn sto and buy sum shit, that all u had to say...quit usin them $200 dollar words!!
by Dirty November 29, 2004
Gotz to put mo product out on da skreets
by Dirty January 13, 2004