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George W. Bush supporters who in lame duck era of second term are still fervent supporters and sheep of the Bushwhacker Administration despite massive administration changes of bad cabinet members, a larger national debt than ever before in history, spending of Social Security for gray areas, biggest loss of civil rights and personal citizens inalienable rights as well as the Uglification of Americans persona world wide.
Bushwhackos were still supporting Cheney even after he'd shot his hunting partner and friend in the face and dropped out of sight incommunicado until the alcohol was out of his bloodstream and tests would be inconclusive.
by Diogio Rome February 11, 2008

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cunnilingus, eating out, the act of oral pleasuring of a vagina. includes clitoral, rim action or penetration of interior and g spot with intent to incite cataclysmic orgasm.
jimi ray gave maryanne some bodacious headette.
by diogio rome November 06, 2007

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fart, buttgas, flatulence, methane melody, ripper, browncloud, poof - also variable for the name Austin.
Sammy smiled and ripped a short but vile asstune as he left the room to go feed the cats.
by Diogio Rome January 11, 2008

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1. The act of police stress reduction through judicious brutal beating of patsy in order to alleviate the need to abuse wife, ,mother-in-law, child, dog, cat, neighbor, secret boyfriend or self upon arrival home after shift.

3. Taking advantage of one of the hidden perks of being a policeman, ie. "We can do this because we are police and can and you cannot."
1. Officer O'Flaherty thoroughly Rodney Kinged two suspicious innocent teen-agers who refused to comply with his whimsical dominant demands.

2. I was glad to be Rodney Kinged by the fine officer of the law so that his family and neighbors would be safe when he returned home.
by Diogio Rome November 03, 2007

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a female humanoid bird imitator who has nymphomaniac tendencies and is known for aggressive trashing of environment when having sex.
When Johnny took Mary to the No Tell Motel he knew she'd do her imitation of a ruby throated mattress thrasher.
by Diogio Rome January 20, 2008

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fart, buttgas, flatulence, methane melody, ripper, poof, asstune
Fooligan left one nervous stenchlike browncloud that could curl nostril hairs as he hurried to answer his benefactors command.
by Diogio Rome January 17, 2008

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1. anyone who would sexually assault the orifice from whence they came in act of dominance, revenge or random whimsical need in a serial manner.

2. anyone who would knowingly rape and pillage planet earth with abusive ecological acts through stupidity, whim or premeditated scenarios for fun or profit.
1. Stanley was a mad mother flocker as he hessed and posed and vented his perverse need to thrust into and seriously hump the life out of his mother.

2. Most multi-national corporations are mother flockers.
by Diogio Rome December 08, 2007

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