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Three penises (penii). Caused by a rare genetic disorder. In pornography, this is often implemented to simultaneously pleasure three women (or men, or a combination of both). Will most often result in a trigasm.
"Hey William, how large is your trenis?"
"Do you mean individually or combined?"
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007
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A form of penis that a tree has. Only a tree has one of these. Usualy very large. Either green or brown, pending on how old it is. Quite fun to ride.
Look at the size of that trenis!
by Asliceofpizza January 11, 2005
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An astonishingly suave human being. (male) His personality and good looks will leave you wanting to know more about him. Most people want to be-friend him but he likes a small group.
Wow! That new guy is a real Trenis (heart eyes)
by Shabar May 25, 2018
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