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A person who frequently uses Meth yet takes care of business such as paying bills, showering, laundry, and any other make believe task because it literally does not happen
Little Jeffrey has to stay after school for the Methletes club and it can sometimes last 2-3 days straight. They try to get a lot done.
by Dig Nitty March 3, 2019
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One of the controversial characters from the Muppets, he’s quite the opposite of his cousin Kermit. Instead of avoiding Miss Piggy, Spermit the Frog spends his time trying to impregnate Miss Piggy but fails due to his lack of prowess and banjo playing
Spermit the Frog needs to get his Lilly padded or else
by Dig Nitty March 3, 2019
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The Take a Wish foundation is where rich people pay lots of money to take a Wish from a less fortunate person and make it their own
My son has a cold but really wants to see
The new Star Wars before it comes out so I’ll just pay the Take a Wish foundation to dash the dreams of a cancer ridden street rat because I can and I will.
by Dig Nitty May 26, 2019
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The dating app for underage children
Tinder is for grown-ups. Tender is for pull-ups.
by Dig Nitty April 17, 2019
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A girl who formerly was very conservative in the way she dressed and presented herself re-emerges as a total skank based on the suggestions and peer pressures of friends, society, and the general need
to sexually please a male counterpart, out of nowhere but not so out of nowhere because some creepy scientist made it that way on purpose
I figured it would take the summer, but since last weekend, Cindy turned into a Skankenstein and I just think she’s misunderstood. All she wants is to be accepted amongst society whilst enjoying some dick. Is that too much to ask?
by Dig Nitty March 3, 2019
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Skanky Muniz is a female rapper/porn star who starred in such films as Agent Jody Skanks and Mal Comes in the Middle alongside Jizzy McGuire
Skanky Muniz fucks shit up on the daily. She said she was dating Amanda Bynes but it’s bullshit. That makes her a Big Fat Liar
by Dig Nitty May 26, 2019
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A cheesy fried delight you serve to a person who expresses feelings of love, over-bearing fondness, and perpetual implied inappropriate sexual frustration toward another person who does not reciprocate those feelings
I appreciate your friendship but how about you chew on a piece of Palzone and leave me alone. #Marinarafordipandtherapyforgrip.
by Dig Nitty April 9, 2019
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