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Chris Carraba, as pointed out in the equally douche magazine Alternative Press.
Chris Carraba is totally a douchenozzle. 'nuff said.
by Denise March 27, 2004
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picking on, or aggravating
Mrs. Johnson, tell him to quit hurtin' on me!
by Denise December 4, 2004
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The meaning of these Jelly Bracelets mean nothing. All this is about is somebody is really board and needed to come up with something else to do and made up stupid and nasty things about a fashion. The Jelly Bracelets were out when I was in school and that is atleast 15 years ago. It's a fashion. Give this sexual stuff a break. Can't these kids be kids any more without having sex. This is nasty. Give it a break,and let these kids be kids!!
Jelly Bracelets are just that,Jelly Bracelets. They mean nothing. They are a fashion. Somebody was just board and had to start something stupid about them,and of course people believed them and it's stupid. Let these kids be kids and quit making everything so sexual. Let them have fun being kids,they grow up fast enough these days without the help of somebody starting something stupid like this and the real stupid thing is that some parents really believe this. Get a grip. If you raise your child in the way you believe that they should be you should be able to trust them that they won't do something this stupid,even if others think other wise.
by Denise December 20, 2003
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The "isms" are like that certain something that gets the guys (or girls), it's the pimp essence. Sort of the way you carry yourself, sheer confidence.
sarah "damn how'd u get his number?"
me "i got the isms."
by Denise September 26, 2004
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A boy that is shy to do or say something.
Christina Aguilera's Can't Hold Us Down says, "But you're just a little boy
Think you're so cute, so coy"
by Denise October 24, 2004
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A person who claims to have a discerning, sophisticated palate for black teas, has all the finest accoutrements for serving tea; shops for tea at speciality markets, yet, purchases and serves to her guests Lipton tea or some other generic black tea dust that come in a bag with a string.
She prided herself on her afternoon tea parties with friends, using her best tea set, yet, when tea was served the string hanging from the pot left the quality and type of tea in question (which was confirmed upon the pouring of the tea as the bag had ruptured).
by Denise April 30, 2004
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to be highly fitted with expensive clothing such as sean john, baby phat, ecko red, etc.
by Denise February 2, 2004
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