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a favorite expression of Seth Cohen from the o.C., used to mean slightly embarrasing and having homosexual tendencies.
you used to do musicals? that's very minty of you.

yeah, our mascot's the pirate, I know its a bit minty.
by Denise November 24, 2003

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Something particularly nasty, in particular and unpleasant smell.
"Man, I hate goin to the Job Centre, it just smells frowsy"
by Denise April 13, 2004

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An intimate photo of a man or women, suggestivily covered but not fully nude, ment to tease the senses.
by Denise September 15, 2003

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the flaps on a vagina
the love flaps cover up the clitoris
by denise March 14, 2004

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Lackluster or substandard. Possibly derived from carnival meat snacks such as sausage on a stick, chicken on a stick, steak on a stick, etc.
The University of Phoenix is shit-on-a-stick.
by Denise December 04, 2003

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One of those finger snapping girls that usually say something like "What am i suppose to do without my cell phone", or "Don't go there girlfriend", or "Ohh, no she didnt!"
They have really really long finger nails and have their hair twirled up on top of their heads.
"Did you see that motisha snap her finger in the car over there?"
by Denise March 20, 2004

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A person who claims to have a discerning, sophisticated palate for black teas, has all the finest accoutrements for serving tea; shops for tea at speciality markets, yet, purchases and serves to her guests Lipton tea or some other generic black tea dust that come in a bag with a string.
She prided herself on her afternoon tea parties with friends, using her best tea set, yet, when tea was served the string hanging from the pot left the quality and type of tea in question (which was confirmed upon the pouring of the tea as the bag had ruptured).
by Denise April 30, 2004

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