gear that will never run out of style and shows class. Sean John shows style and taste along with a sense of dignity and respectable choice in clothing, it is simply the best you can get.
Yo thats a nice sean john shirt, where can i get one?
by Sean John Don August 15, 2005
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More commonly known as a prison uniform. Usually orange in colour worn by inmates or escapees that can be seen around the Toronto courthouse. Or, wiggers who think its cool to don prison-wear.
Yo man, check out the escapee bolting from the cops in his SeanJeans!
by Dr.D!gs May 29, 2004
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The act of getting raped or destroyed; or vise versa: Getting the Sean John usually means that something bad has happened
1)Damn homie. I just got the fresh Sean john... (turns off xbox)

2) I just got out freshed
by SLaYz June 8, 2009
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