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Without a doubt, the greatest lyricist that ever lived. Former lead singer of 80's band "The Smiths", Morrissey has made a name for himself in popular music and is known for his outrageous (yet highly laughable) comments. He is also a vegetarian, and a native of the UK, who current makes his home in Los Angeles.
did Morrissey really say "bring me the head of Elton John"?!!
by Denia April 24, 2006

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perhaps the greatest band that ever lived. their reign over indie rock only lasted a bit over four years during the 80's but they were amazing, none the less. with their flamboyant, yet oddly dark, lead singer Morrissey (properly named Steven Patrick Morrissey)and they're other very talented musicians; including the notorious guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke, and drummer Mike Joyce. they're music is likely to appeal to ANYONE, especially those who appreciate good lyrics.
the smiths beat the beatles in a recent poll of greatest british band (true statement).
by Denia April 24, 2006

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nickname for british rock star, Morrissey. he's also called: mozza, mozzer, the pope of mope, and the mozfather.
many people believe moz is gay.. but i don't.
by Denia April 24, 2006

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pictures taken by the "emo" kids.
*always of themselves
*wearing black
*wearing eyeliner
*looking down, to the side, or so deep into the camera it looks like they're about to cry
*sometimes wearing hoodies
*sometimes of their tatoos (usually little stars or hearts drawn on their joints)
*sometimes of their feet, wearing converse chucks
*usually with a caption only they find humorous/inspiering
i'll go home, cry in the coner of my bedroom and use my parent's digital cameras to take more emo pics of myself...
by Denia April 27, 2006

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an imaginary amount of time refering to how fast people from new york city (not new york state) do things. the time differences of new york city and the rest of the world is the reason an average yorkie can't survive outside their city for more than 4 days.
yorkie: i went to freakin' colorado and it took this jackass 20 minutes to charge the sweater i bought! you know i'm used to things being done in a new york minute, i can't stand that crap!
by Denia April 29, 2006

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what some people call new yorkers. specially when they have tendencies to do very inner city things.
why can't he ever leave home without his cell phone? well, he's a yorkie.
by Denia April 30, 2006

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slang for 'people'.
refering to friends, associates, family or anyone involved in your inner circle
me and my peeps are having a get together this saturday
by Denia April 24, 2006

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