One of the best things to have come out of Thatcher's Britian.
"what difference does it make".
by Brian March 25, 2004
perhaps the greatest band that ever lived. their reign over indie rock only lasted a bit over four years during the 80's but they were amazing, none the less. with their flamboyant, yet oddly dark, lead singer Morrissey (properly named Steven Patrick Morrissey)and they're other very talented musicians; including the notorious guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke, and drummer Mike Joyce. they're music is likely to appeal to ANYONE, especially those who appreciate good lyrics.
the smiths beat the beatles in a recent poll of greatest british band (true statement).
by Denia April 25, 2006
A band from the 1980's.
Morrissey is the official Pope of Mope
(my personal favorite band)
"There Is a Light That Never Goes out"
"How soon is Now?"
"Girlfriend in a Coma"
by Alex April 22, 2004
The Smiths were quite simply the best band ever, in just the short time they were with us they changed the music scene forever. No-one can even come close to comparing to Morrissey's lyrics. The guy is a genius!
Also his solo career is still brilliant, some people say that he has declined but his songs are still better than anyone else's.......end of!
Accept Yourself
I Want The One I Can't Have
I could list everyone of the Smiths songs but these will do
by Wayne June 17, 2006
A band with a reputation for being whiny and dull, but from an objective viewpoint:
1. At least Morrissey meant it, Coldplay/Travis etc. sure as hell don't.
2. At least they had a wry sense of humour, they *knew* they were moping, the joke was on them
3. They were still quite, quite brilliant.
Morrissey just isn't as good solo as he was with Marr in the Smiths
by Melchy May 30, 2004
A band in the 1980's that was a lot better than The Cure, by a long shot.

Music is meant to be subjective; but anyone realistic would see that The Smiths are a lot more relevant to the modern culture at that time. Especially in the UK.

Robert Smith(The Cure)'s music is fun, but it has no endearing qualities; and after a while; Robert starts to sound like a little boy that needs to grow up and is "overdoing it". Just like a manchild. (to the point where it starts to get weird.)
The Smiths were original and cool in the sense that their music was really cutting edge and also sappy. (edgy and melancholic at the same time - ironic) Their lyrics were funny but also depressing at the same time. They were consistent. Even the band name - The Smiths - was a mockery of modern society. (because there are loads of people out there surnamed "Smith". The band were mocking the unoriginality of the Post-Industrial UK society. So they took the band name "The Smiths" - to be ironic. Almost like mocking The Beatles and everyone with the last name Smith. That was the whole point of The Smiths' music - to mock the unoriginality and banality of modern society.) In this aspect, Morrissey was a genius and an originator. Plus in the 1980s, they did not wear makeup or style their hair, and just looked like normal gents. (not trying to stand out)

It is here, this is where The Smiths make Robert Smith and The Cure look like a bunch of juvenile attention whores. The Smiths have an inner depth and seem like philosophers doing music; while The Cure just seem like a superficial band and only devoted to pleasure. Robert Smith has no sense of humor. While Morrissey was an ironic razor blade.
by Abraham's Adversary February 24, 2018
The tenth greatest band of all time after Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Björk, The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Beck, The Pixes, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Sonic Youth. A very influential band for pop-rock bands.
The Smiths were a great band, and Morrissey has a great solo career too. Not as great, but still good.
by Walter June 2, 2004