13 definitions by Delaneyab

A game that I hope doesn't end up the same way Club Penguin did
Club Penguin got deleted, I hope Poptropica doesn't get deleted too
by Delaneyab July 6, 2018
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What at least one girl gets in high school.
Girl 1: Rebecca got pregnant and she doesn't even know who the father is.

Girl 2: I'm not surprised, she's a slut.
by Delaneyab February 21, 2018
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I took my Snapchat off of Quick Add because I'm not looking for a relationship.
by Delaneyab June 2, 2020
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Someone who's popular and genuinely looks like she's in her 20's
When I first saw Loren Beech, I thought she was 21 or something. Then, I found out she was 13.
by Delaneyab June 15, 2018
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