The Childhood of many teens. Amazing world full of penguins. supports different ethnicities (ie their many penguin colors.). You will be banned if you make any comment related to anything that would offend anyone ever, but you can name yourself practically anything. Will shut down march 29th, at the same time becoming a dead meme.
Guy- Dude, I just got banned from Club penguin!!!!
Guy 2- Why?
Guy- I started praising Hitler. Got a new account tho, what's ur user?
Guy 2- DirtyJew69. Friend me.
Guy- WTF?!
by ClubPenguinGod54 February 6, 2017
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A game that today's 6 year olds won't get to play :(
Club Penguin was my childhood since kindergarten, and now it's gone
by Delaneyab July 6, 2018
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A place where you can be a penguin and has a strict chat but people still go on dates and do it on their couches.
Jojogurl15: I love Club Penguin. I went on a date yesterday. We had some fun on the couch.
Purplyhubub: Me too!!! Except we had fun in the back seats of the stage. But I did get banned.
by jojogurl15 February 12, 2011
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Humanity's final answer to the question of reality and the human condition.
Club Penguin is the final bastion of hope for mankind.
by Yosheek June 19, 2011
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A game created by Disney, was shut down last year, some absolute g has republished it, our saviour!!!
In Club Penguin you basically run around a map where you can hit the club and get some mad penguin pussy, go pizza place and eat pizza, go coffee shop, buy some Supreme and Rolex watches with some Gucci aswell, adopt a puffle and starve it to death and tip the iceberg which was impossible but they still tried anyway. Many kids had Club Penguin girlfriends and they go in each others igloos and type shit like *bounces on Dic K*
*Sucks Dic K
You Find that on YouTube aswell, proper weird.
"Let's Play Club Penguin with the lads!"
by #1Shagger August 27, 2018
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