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One that is so attractive, that it can be distracting to others.
Sue is so distractive, I can't concentrate on my spreadsheet.
by Deanimal and Oca October 25, 2007
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Using any electrical device (most often a laptop, but it could encompass cell phones, blackberry, etc.) to go online, while using the toilet.
Steph: "I thought guys only took magazines and newspapers into the john."
Tom: "Nope...I need to 'log-on' to the information hershey highway.
by Deanimal and Oca May 21, 2008
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To teach someone new sexual tricks, through experience.
Due to his lack of experiece, Tom needed Sheila to edumate him about the finer points of using his tongue
by Deanimal and Oca February 21, 2007
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To fix or make right; rectify
I need to uncrap the situation with Randy...he's still mad about the other night.
by Deanimal and Oca December 15, 2006
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Going online while using the john
Steph: "hey Tom, where you headed with your laptop?"
Tom: "Need to go jonline and check a few emails"
Steph: "Nothing like multi-tasking".
by Deanimal and Oca May 21, 2008
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Reading material written in easily digestible chucks making it ideally suited for a bathroom visit.
Steve grabbed some poop lit on his way to the john.
by Deanimal and Oca July 19, 2008
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Any group of gay men flocking together, usually going from one bar to another
It was difficult to penetrate the migation leaving Roscoes and headed to Cocktail.
by Deanimal and Oca November 04, 2007
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