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Short for govern, it is a slang word popularized by Preston McCauley. It doesn’t mean anything, similar to the N-Word, but not offensive. It is used to refer to someone.
Yo bro did you here that I won the game.
Nice job my govna.”
by Davvvvvv May 7, 2021
it's the passcode for free brazzers accounts. created by avid sprem donor mcprest
yo whats the password for a free brazzers porn account?

by Davvvvvv January 25, 2022
Slang for cum that was found inside of victims of rape/necrophilia.
“Is that a dead body?!”
Yeah, look at all of that Schrum!!”
by Davvvvvv May 7, 2021
A game two males play with a carrot. Whoever can get the carrot farther up the others butt, wins and whoever loses has to eat the carrot while jerking the other ones cock until they cum on their forehead.
Yo bro wanna play that Molina game?

Yes, but remember if I win you have to stroke my shit.
by Davvvvvv January 25, 2022
McPrest is a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Avid sperm donor from York, PA. He is most famous for his slang words such as “Govna” and “POGGERS” while creating kid friendly content on YouTube
Yo bro are you watching YouTube?

“Yeah I’m watching McPrest!”
by Davvvvvv May 7, 2021