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The process of show changing.You turn to one show,then you see another,more interesting show so you turn to it,then a better show comes along and so forth until you find the best show for you.
Man so many kick ass shows were on last night,Manswers,porn,basketball and football!I did a long tubechain trying to decide what to watch.
by Davion Williams October 9, 2008
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The identifying of a girl by her donk.
You've seen it so many times,you know who it belongs to.
John:Check out that ass man,who is that fine girl?!
Matt:Why you checking out my girl man!
John:How do you know thats Clarissa?
Matt:Idonkification man
John:Oh my bad
by Davion Williams March 23, 2009
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when you drink or eat something while goin to the bathroom and the same time,normally did when going number one but number two is occasional
Dude I did not feel like wasting time before my big meeting and i was really hungry so I did an in/outbox to speed things up.
by Davion Williams September 10, 2008
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When you look at someones profile and their picture looks so good,you think they must be hot so you request them,then you see all their other piks and they look so bad it makes you ask "why did i request them?".
I met this chick on myspace and she was hot,or at least i thought she was til i saw her other pictures and i found out that she was a one pic wonder.
by Davion Williams May 20, 2009
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The act of going into a bathroom and not actually using the toilet or urinal,just killing time.Done so you dont look like an idiot in public,but an idiot in private.
God my sister took forever!
I was bathroom stalling for like 45 minutes,i was bored out of my ass.
by Davion Williams October 21, 2008
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The situation when you circle the same parking lot multiple times trying to find a good parking space,occuring mostly at supermarkets and clothing stores.
I had to Bend the Lot at that wal-mart 8 times to find a good place to park,i wasted my whole day!!

by Davion Williams December 22, 2008
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