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Colloquial term used to describe a woman with a large ass and thighs. Comes from the imagined sound of the "junk in her trunk" rolling back and forth as she waddles around-
I.E. dunk-a-dunk-a-dunk-a-dunk.
"Did you see that dunkadunk walk by? 5'2" 260 eeeaaaasy."
by David Jones September 01, 2005

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A witty and outspoken liberal shock talk host, who backs up her outrageous statements with facts and easily verified documentation.
RR: " The Bush administrations fabricated false evidence and drawings instead of photos to lead America into a unjust war."

Links to the Downing Street memo,and independant sources.
Verification by the LA Times, CNN, Newsday, BBC, Reuters, etc.. supporting evidence that Bush administration fabricated evidence as to Iraq's military capabilities, intentions, and access to nuclear or biological agents.
by David Jones June 08, 2005

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Someone who has an extremely unattractive significant other.
"Did you see {insert name here}'s girlfriend? He's turned into a complete beast monger!!"
by David Jones September 01, 2005

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To covince a fat girl to have sex with you. Derived from the idea that she is a fat whale and you have "landed" or "beached" her.
"See that fat chick on the end of the bar? If I have another two shots I'm going to end up beaching it."
by David Jones September 09, 2005

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