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A popular videogame magazine.
Started in 1989 by founder Steve Harris, this has been a cult magazine for gamers for the past 2 decades.
What was once a publication for mainly nerds and geeks, now has become the most read magazines by both casual and hardcore gamers alike... which also includes the MTV and 106 & park generation.

Creators of the infamous "Sheng Long" gag of 1992, which prompted Capcom to develope Akuma of the Street Fighter series.
"I havent read the new EGM yet. Did they say what new cars are in Grand Turismo 4?"
by epcott March 29, 2004
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Electronic Gaming Monthly, A great video game magazine that is 10000x cooler than all the stupid ones like OPM and Gamepro. They offer good, honest reviews and have great April Fools Jokes.
In the April 2003 issue, EGM said that in Dead or Alive Extrem Beach Volleyball you could unlock a topless code. Those sad 45 year old virgin losers are still in their mom's basement trying to unlock it.
by Solid Snake April 01, 2004
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One of the best video game magazines ever made, with great cover art, and inside reviews.
Did you get the special addition cover for egm # 138?
by Andrew K. May 09, 2004
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This word stands for EpicGamingMoments ...This is simply a better version of FunnyMoments ,the term EGM was Created by The Vigilanty(YouTuber)
This was a really funny EGM
by The Vigilanty June 05, 2016
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